Recent Report Changes and Enhancements

Report Enhancements: Credit Card Transactions – OSU and Find Credit Cards – OSU:

The "Credit Card Transactions – OSU" and "Find Credit Cards – OSU" have been enhanced with two additional fields. 

  • Cardholder/Card Manager Email: This field may be useful when the Expense Payee and the Cardholder are not the same individual. 
  • Card Type: This field will identify the card type assigned by the PCard Office (i.e. Department Card). 

Additionally the field "Corporate Credit Card Billing Account" has been relocated after the "PCard Cost Center" column. 

Report Enhancement: Managerial Gift Report: 

The Managerial Gift report has been enhanced to provide greater level of detail via the drill down functions within Workday. Individuals can now drill down by Worker to view additional details on personnel expenses on Gifts. 

Report Enhancement: Internal Service Provider Billing:

A new prompt has been added to the Internal Service Provider Billing report. Users now have the option to select a checkbox if they wish to exclude split-funded purchase order lines from the report output.