Spend Authorizations Closed from Expenses Hub

Administrators should advise travelers to exercise caution when working in the Expenses Hub. Upon selecting the “Actions” button for Spend Authorizations, the banner action prompt and other instructional text should be reviewed before selecting “Ok” to confirm the correct business process is initiated.   

Spend Authorizations that have been prematurely closed are unable to be restored to “Approved” status and will not allow Expense Reports to be linked to the Spend Authorization. If a Spend Authorization has been closed in error, the Spend Authorization number should be referenced in the memo or comments of the Expense Report and a new Spend Authorization should not be submitted.

This issue has been added to the Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) gap list for consideration and improvement by Workday. For questions, contact the Travel Office at travel@osu.edu or 614-292-9290.