Travel Training Update

The Travel Office is now offering an additional training course titled, Business Travel Life Cycle – Live and Interactive. This is a more comprehensive training option compared to other self-led courses offered through BuckeyeLearn, such as: (1) Introduction to Business Travel and (2) Online Business Travel Life Cycle Modules.

This course was developed specifically to provide interactive discussion and demonstrations for the 4 core steps in the business travel life cycle and is recommended for employees who travel frequently, employees who routinely arrange travel for others, and employees who administer business travel processes. The course covers all business travel for the University and the Health Systems and incorporates guidance for Individual, Group and Team travel.

Participants can choose the attendance method that suits their preference: In-Person (Classroom) or Virtual (Teams Meeting). Register through BuckeyeLearn.

For questions, contact the Travel Office at or 614-292-9290.