New Miscellaneous Payment Request Reports in Production, Older Reports to be Decommissioned 

Two new Miscellaneous Payment Request Reports as described below are now in Production. 

Find Miscellaneous Payment Request Summary – OSU: This report returns Miscellaneous Payment Request data based on header information such as status, payee, and total amount and can be used for basic metrics and transaction status tracking. 

Find Miscellaneous Payment Request Details – OSU: This report provides detailed information on Miscellaneous Payment Requests including header information as well as line details such as funding and item description details when applicable. 

"Find Miscellaneous Payment Requests – OSU” will be decommissioned on September 30.  This report will be replaced by the first two new reports previously mentioned. 

Users with saved filters and worklet configurations for “Find Miscellaneous Payment Requests – OSU” are asked to delete them prior to the decommission date. Saved filters can be applied to the new reports.