New Expense Reports in Production, Older Reports Decommissioned

Several expense reports are now in production as described in the expanding sections below.

 Find Expense Report Details – OSU, in Production 

This report provides detailed Expense Report information from expense report lines and itemizations including funding details, expense item, Last 4 digits of PCard, and linked Spend Authorizations, when applicable.  This report returns one line for each unique Expense Report Line or Itemization. Expense Reports with no lines entered will not populate on this report. 

Find Expense Report Summary – OSU, in Production 

This report provides Expense Report summary information such as Payee, Business Purpose, Reimbursement Amount, Company Paid (PCard) Amount, linked Spend Authorizations when applicable, and Business Process information. This report returns one line per unique Expense Report. 

Expense Report Exceptions Report updates, in Production 

As previously communicated, the expense report exceptions report has undergone some improvements. Enhancements include returning rows that include either an automated Workday Policy related Validation errors and alerts, or include comments in the field "Exception Reason (Service Center Use Only)." Additionally the report will now only return Expense Reports in an approved status.

In addition to better filtering of results the report has been enhanced to prompt on additional worktag attributes and dates. Also, the report has several new column outputs for worktags and other relevant expense report attributes to aid in the review of the data.

And as we say hello to the new reports, we need to say farewell to “Find Expense Reports – OSU,” “Find Expense Report Lines,” and “Find Expense Report Lines for Organization" which will be decommissioned on August 31.  

These reports will be replaced by the first two new reports previously mentioned.

Users with saved filters and worklet configurations for “Find Expense Reports – OSU," “Find Expense Report Lines,” and “Find Expense Report Lines for Organization” are asked to delete them prior to the decommission date. Saved filters can be applied to the new reports.