Flexible Payroll Expense Details Available in Tableau 

A secondary payroll expense detail report has been made available in Tableau to allow users a more customizable experience when interacting with Payroll Data.   

Flexible Payroll Expense Details - a customizable grouping payroll expense report with two worksheets.

  • Flexible Cumulative Payroll Actuals and Encumbrances - provides customizable journal attribute grouping and returns a year-to-date total spend based on parameters selected in the prompt as well associated remaining encumbrances
  • Flexible Monthly Payroll Actuals - provides customizable journal attribute grouping based on periods selected in the prompt. 


The report can be found in the Finance and Supply Chain Domain > Financial Accounting/General Ledger >  Flexible Payroll Expense Data (Tableau link: https://dataviz.rae.osu.edu/#/workbooks/6447/views