Encumbrance Logic Change on Financial Reports

In response to feedback regarding encumbrance logic, all financial reports (i.e. Sources and Uses suite, Equity Balances) will be updated to reflect the new encumbrance logic. The new logic will now be static in nature; once a fiscal period is closed the ending encumbrance number for the period will never change. The previous logic reflected fluid encumbrances and constantly updated. Expect the financial reports logic to be updated by July 29, 2022 (this does not affect grants reporting).

As a reminder, encumbrance training is available in BuckeyeLearn to help financial users and service center develop a baseline skillset on encumbrances and pre-encumbrances.

Full BuckyeLearn link: https://ohiostate.csod.com/samldefault.aspx?returnurl=%252fDeepLink%252fProcessRedirect.aspx%253fmodule%253dlodetails%2526lo%253d696af8c5-80f9-4436-8dc9-84a305b167b5