“Find Supplier Invoice Requests” and “Find Supplier Invoice Requests – OSU" to be decommissioned June 30

Two Workday reports, “Find Supplier Invoice Requests” and “Find Supplier Invoice Requests – OSU" will be decommissioned on June 30, 2022. These reports are being replaced by two new reports now in production named "Find Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) Summary – OSU"  and "Find Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) Details – OSU."  

Users with saved filters and worklet configurations for “Find Supplier Invoice Requests” and “Find Supplier Invoice Requests – OSU" are asked to delete them prior to the June 30 decommission date. 

The new reports will allow users to report on Supplier Invoice Requests and their associated attributes. 

New report details:

Find Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) Summary – OSU 

  • Used to report on high level attributes associated with a Supplier Invoice Request. Useful to review requests that may be held up during the business process or get unique counts of activity.
  • Returns results by each unique supplier invoice request submitted. Provides supplier invoice statuses and basic metrics.  Allows users to search supplier invoice requests that have been created for a supplier.   This report returns one line for each unique supplier invoice request.


Find Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) Details – OSU 

  • Used to troubleshoot and investigate Supplier Invoice Requests. Provides information about the detail lines associated with a request including all worktag strings.
  • Provides information on supplier invoice request header as well as line detail information such as funding splits and line-item description details.