Zoom Client Update 6.0

Zoom Meeting Visual Refresh Update

Beginning April 14, 2024, Zoom will be updating the visual and functional user experience in the new version, 6.0. You will need to update your desktop Zoom app. On your personally-owned computer, click the profile picture or your initials and then scroll down to Check for Updates. Proceed with the instructions provided by Zoom. For a computer managed by Ohio State, follow the update instructions from your desktop support team.

New features and changes:

Visual Refresh

The Zoom desktop app has been overhauled with new icons and new color schemes. You can select color schemes by going into your Settings. These will be available when your Zoom app is set to Light Mode.

In-Meeting Toolbar

A toolbar, available during meetings, can be customized by dragging and dropping icons to adjust meeting features specific to your needs. The in-meeting security tab is now located under the Host Tools icon.

Multi-speaker View

The multi-speaker view will dynamically adapt the video layout by displaying enlarged views of current and recent speakers' videos, while showing other participants' views in a smaller gallery.


Now, participants can share content simultaneously, and participants can see each other's shared content as individual tabs in the meeting window.

Meeting Wallpapers

This feature will allow hosts and co-hosts to customize the meeting's background. This feature affects all participants in the meeting. Wallpaper backgrounds provided by admins or presets from Zoom can be selected and adjusted to blend between the participant videos and the wallpaper.