Mediasite Confirmed as Ohio State’s Enterprise Media Platform

In August 2022 the Office of Technology and Digital Innovation (OTDI) announced a request for proposals (RFP) in search of a media platform for use at Ohio State. Several vendors submitted bids, and an evaluation committee made up of representatives from across the university assessed and tested the vendors’ media tools. After much consideration, the RFP was awarded to Mediasite, now owned by Enghouse Systems.

Among the tools that met the needs of Ohio State students, faculty and staff, Mediasite was the most cost-effective solution. Mediasite has been in use at Ohio State since 2014, and user feedback shows that it covers the basics of what our users want in a media tool—but there is always room for improvement. Based on user feedback, OTDI will be making strategic enhancements to Mediasite over summer term 2024. OTDI has already improved storage capabilities, switched to a more accurate automated captioning service, upgraded Mediasite to the latest LTI integration and enabled quiz grading passback to CarmenCanvas. OTDI is currently piloting browser-based recording and plans to roll out that new feature before Autumn 2024.

Be on the lookout for more updates ahead of autumn semester.