Join the Next Institutional Definitions Working Group: Student Domain (continued)

The Data Governance team facilitates the development of working groups, composed of faculty and staff from across the university and medical center, for the purpose of creating standardized institutional definitions. This work is completed in batches of related terms. Check out the project website to see the current approved institutional definitions.

The purpose of the definition sessions is to come to agreement about definition standards and not to change any university policies or make any new policy decisions. Presently there are no standard definitions for Race and Ethnicity across the university and Wexner Medical Center as they pertain to institutional data, which can lead to confusion.

Attend the upcoming session using the registration information below.

  • Monday, July 24 at 3 p.m. - The terms to be discussed are under the Student Domain and include New First Year Student, New First Year Student Certificate, Transfer Rank 1 and 2, Transfer Rank 3 and 4, and Transfer Certificate.
  • Use the registration link to attend this drafting session.


Approved and finalized definitions are available at the Approved Institutional Definitions webpage.

Feel free to share this information with team members who communicate about student data and may have interest in this project.

Contact with any questions about the institutional definition sessions.