New Service Helps University Secure Tech and Data

OTDI’s Digital Security and Trust (DST) team has a new service to help university units implement secure systems to protect their data.

The Business Information Security Review service helps units evaluate risks, inefficiencies, and information security concerns that could impact their mission and/or business functions. This service is free to non-medical center university units.

DST staff will work directly with unit IT staff and leadership to create a comprehensive assessment of technical strengths and areas that could be improved. Once these are identified, DST can provide recommendations for any areas of concern and provide further consultation on remediation activities.

Engaging this service helps units focus what may be limited resources toward value added activities and increases confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data and technical assets.

Examples of prior work completed by this service include reviewing a critical data set from inception to destruction, focusing on identifying efficient methods to secure data while accomplishing business objectives; improving methods for managing user access to data assets; and a comprehensive review of an enterprise service, with a focus on onboarding and monitoring activities when critical data is involved.

Those interested in engaging the Business Information Security Review service for their unit can submit an Information Security Support ticket in ServiceNow or contact the team at