Improving Wi-Fi at Ohio State: Phase Two of the eduroam Project

In May 2022, we began the transition to eduroam and device-based authentication. Last fall’s incoming students started their Ohio State career by connecting to eduroam and immediately gained one major benefit of this new authentication method – they will never have to reconfigure their Wi-Fi connection when they update their Ohio State password semi-annually. They also joined a growing group of eduroam users and can visit institutions throughout the world while maintaining their secure Wi-Fi connection.  

May 2023 marks the move to phase two of the eduroam project: getting remaining devices configured to connect to eduroam before osuwireless retires in summer 2024. We will be communicating with faculty, staff and students and working with IT departments at the university over the next year to help with this change.  

What’s Happening in Phase Two? 

Faculty, staff and students can configure their personal devices (i.e. devices that are not managed by Ohio State IT) today by visiting and selecting "Connect to eduroam", or following the instructions available in the Administrative Resource Center.  

Managed IT Services (MITS) partners whose devices are managed by the Office of Technology and Digital Innovation (OTDI) will receive communications from OTDI in the next month to make them aware of when their device will transition to eduroam. If you are a MITS partner, you do not need to take any action on any devices you have that are managed by OTDI. OTDI will be working with other IT units to help move remaining university-managed devices to eduroam.   

This phase of the project is currently scheduled to run through May 2024. We will conduct a university-wide communications effort throughout this time period, taking a brief pause in December 2023 to review adoption rates and reassess our plans for the remainder of phase two.  

Why eduroam and Device-Based Authentication? 

Both eduroam and onboarding to the secure Ohio State network through device-based authentication provide benefits to improve the Wi-Fi experience at Ohio State while maintaining the same level of speed and connectivity that is available with osuwireless. Semi-annual password updates will no longer affect Wi-Fi connectivity. After onboarding your device to eduroam, it will stay credentialed to the network for five years, staying connected even after changing your password.   

eduroam provides simple, easy, secure connectivity across more than 100 countries and is available at all Ohio State locations. You will maintain secure connectivity when visiting other eduroam participating institutions around the world, including institutions in Ohio and the Big Ten. 

Have questions about this project? Check out the eduroam resources on the Administrative Resource Center or contact the IT Service Desk.