Changes to Minitab: Access Now Requires User Account Approval

Minitab has changed the way that they provide access to their software for faculty, staff, and students. Going forward, users will need to request access to receive a Minitab account through the Ohio State site-licensed software program.  

To request access to Minitab this semester, either personally or for a lab/classroom, email to be given access to set up an account.  Once access is provided, you will receive an email from Minitab that will step you through setting up an account.  

Minitab recommends using the web version of the software instead of installing the desktop version.  As a result, the desktop version of Minitab will only be installed on lab/classroom machines by instructor request (the web version is accessible on all lab/classroom machines). Instructions for using the web version can be found at If you need the desktop version installed in a lab/classroom, please contact the service desk at 614-688-4357.   

Students and instructors that previously had Minitab installed on their device have been notified directly by Minitab about this change.  

If you have any additional questions, please contact the IT Service Desk at 614-688-4357.