RAE User Domain Access Dashboard Now Available

Last week, the Data and Analytics Team published a new dashboard to help data analysts better understand which datasets they have access to within the Reporting and Analytics Environment (RAE).

This new “RAE User Domain Access” dashboard displays a user’s name, login, and the list of domains and equivalent security groups to which they belong within the RAE. This membership governs the types of data available to them for querying. The dashboard will display the logged-in user’s information by default. If desired, the view can be changed to view the group affiliation of other users by changing the filters (located in the upper right corner of the dashboard).

The new dashboard can be found on the OTDI Tableau Server environment. (https://dataviz.rae.osu.edu/#/views/RAEUserDomains/UserDomainAccess?=null&:iid=2)

This update is part of our continuous improvement efforts to make Ohio State enterprise analytics easier to use and understand for our data analyst community. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Tableau team at Data-Visualization@osu.edu.