Inactive Zoom Accounts Will Be Removed

Beginning February 22, the Office of Technology and Digital Innovation (OTDI) will routinely remove inactive CarmenZoom accounts. Current students, faculty and staff that have not logged into Zoom in the past 365 days will be affected by this change. However, for users who have been deactivated in this way, logging back into Zoom will create a new account.

Removing inactive accounts from the university’s instance of Zoom helps ensure there are enough accounts to go around for those who need to use the tool. (And those who only need Zoom once every few years will still be able to create accounts.)

While it is very rare, this action may affect some recurring meetings. If you are the owner of a long-standing recurring meeting used by other people but have not personally logged into Zoom during the past year, simply log in before February 22.

When hosting or joining Zoom meetings at Ohio State, it is always best practice to log in first. When you are logged into Zoom using your Ohio State credentials, you can take advantage of additional features that would not be available to those who are joining meetings as non-logged in guests. When creating a meeting at, you also have access to a wide range of security options. When using Zoom for classes, team meetings and more at the university, it is highly recommended that you require authentication to join—which ensures your attendees are logged in with their university credentials.