Digital Flagship

A university-wide digital learning initiative to support educational innovation for students and economic development opportunities for the community. 

Digital Flagship

Instructor Opportunities

Digital Flagship Educators

Digital Flagship Educators is the instructor-facing component of Digital Flagship’s broader initiative, striving to establish a connected and supported community of practice among those who teach at Ohio State.



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Enterprise App Creation

Share your ideas for apps to better the university experience, improve existing systems and more. 


New Workshops

iPad and Swift Coding in Your Classroom

Learn new ways to augment your teaching with Swift coding and iPad. Available at Columbus and various regional campuses. 



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Digital Flagship Town Hall 

During this session, the Digital Flagship team will provide updates, answer questions and share initiative goals to help you understand what’s coming next. 



University Press Release

Ohio State collaborates with Apple to launch digital learning initiative

Students, faculty, staff and community to gain access to new educational and economic development opportunities.

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Digital Flagship FAQs

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What is the Digital Flagship University initiative?

Ohio State, in collaboration with Apple, is creating a comprehensive, university-wide digital learning initiative that will support educational innovation to benefit students and economic development opportunities for campus and the broader community. Ohio State will establish:

  • A student success initiative to integrate learning technology throughout the university experience — both inside and outside the classroom — and help provide universal access to a common set of learning technologies. Timeline: Starting in fall 2018, new first-year students at all campuses will receive an iPad Pro with tools and apps.
  • An iOS design laboratory offering technological training and certification to faculty, staff, students and members of the community interested in developing apps in Swift, the Apple programming language. Timeline: The lab will open in a temporary space on the Columbus campus in 2018 and a permanent location in 2019.
  • University-wide training for students to learn coding skills that will help enhance their career-readiness in the app economy. Timeline: Training will begin in spring 2018.

How does this initiative support the university’s strategic plan?

The Digital Flagship University initiative supports several pillars of Ohio State’s strategic plan, including teaching and learning and research and creative expression. Additionally, the initiative supports access, affordability and excellence by providing Ohio State undergraduates with integrated learning technology at no cost to students.

How will students benefit?

Ohio State will integrate technology throughout the student experience to enhance teaching and learning, promote collaboration and enable connections throughout the university community. This will have a number of tangible benefits:

  • Student success: Every undergraduate student, starting with new first-year students entering in fall 2018, will be provided with an iPad Pro suite that includes tools and apps to support learning and life at Ohio State. Programs outside the classroom will focus on areas such as financial literacy and civic engagement.
  • New apps: The university, with support from Apple experts, will develop new apps to enhance learning and the student experience at Ohio State. In addition, the university will support faculty and staff who want to develop new apps or otherwise utilize technology to benefit students.
  • Career skills: Students in any field will have the opportunity to learn how to develop apps using Apple’s Swift coding curriculum, providing an important skill as students prepare for careers. More broadly, the integrated learning environment will prepare students for professional success in a modern, mobile workforce.
  • Innovation and economic development: The iOS design lab will provide expert training support in app development for both the university and the community, whether students are seeking to commercialize apps they have developed or participate in projects for area companies.  

How will faculty and staff benefit?

Faculty and staff have the opportunity to incorporate more interactive learning opportunities and collaborative tools in teaching, research and other programs with the assurance that all students will have a common toolset to participate.

Digital Flagship Educators is the instructor-facing component of Digital Flagship’s broader initiative, striving to establish a connected and supported community of practice among those who teach at Ohio State. The application for our first opportunity, the Digital Flagship Educators cohort, has recently closed, but we plan to share many exciting options for instructors to engage with technology, Digital Flagship and each other in the coming months.

In addition, faculty and staff will have opportunities to learn Swift coding and to connect with the iOS design lab to create new apps to further enhance teaching and learning.

The Digital Flagship initiative will be coordinated through the Office of Distance Education and eLearning, in partnership with the University Institute for Teaching and Learning and the Corporate Engagement Office. Together they will provide a comprehensive eLearning toolset, mobile-ready classrooms, pedagogical support for teaching and learning with technology; and assistance with economic development opportunities.


How will the iPad program work?

The university will provide iPad Pros to new first-year students at all Ohio State campuses starting in fall 2018. The iPads are part of a learning-technology suite that also includes a Smart Keyboard, Apple Pencil and apps that support students in learning and life. The university will own and service the devices during students’ undergraduate careers at Ohio State.

Ohio State will own the iPad technology suite and provide it to students. This will be funded through the university’s administrative efficiency program.

Ohio State will work with faculty and staff to support innovative new uses that benefit students. For more information, contact

Is Ohio State committed to only one kind of technology?

No. Ohio State students, faculty and staff will continue to use a wide variety of technology from a number of brands. The iPad Pros will be a common tool in Ohio State’s integrated learning community, but other computers and technology devices can and will be used across the university.


Ohio State and Learning Tech: A History

The Ohio State community is in a prime position to leverage the many opportunities provided by the Digital Flagship Initiative. The projects below are just a sampling of how our university’s faculty, staff and students have been innovating with learning technology so far:

Impact Grants

Between 2010 and 2015, Ohio State's faculty and staff used Impact Grants to transform students' learning. These projects leveraged adaptive online systems, mobile technology, and emergent teaching methods.

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Innovation Center

In 2016 Ohio State’s largest active learning center was opened to the campus community. This space was created for courses that would facilitate collaborative, engaged learning through wireless technology and lots of mobility.

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Affordable Learning Exchange

Digital learning materials can keep up with the pace of a rapidly changing industry. They can streamline delivery so students have all of their learning content on the first day of classes. They can also save students millions.

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Students Learn Swift for HackOHI/O

Competitors in Ohio State’s signature hackathon prepared for the event by learning Apple’s Swift coding language. An Apple engineer hosted the two hour workshop so students from across the university could learn from the best.

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