Design Lab

Explore New Ideas. Build Digital Skills. Find Community.

Our design lab brings communities across campus and the greater Ohio community together to engage in transformational learning.

Design Lab at COhatch Gateway

Launched in summer 2021, the Design Lab at COhatch Gateway is a space for the Ohio State and greater Ohio community to explore, develop and expand their digital skills and engage in transformative learning, from coding and app development workshops to prototyping and design thinking events.

The Design Lab is a space for idea incubation, facilitating connections between students and local start-ups and empowering those with great ideas to make them a reality through entrepreneurship programming and expereinces. 

Uniquely located among workforce professionals at COhatch Gateway, the Design Lab will be a catalyst for creativity and connection between the Ohio State and greater Ohio community – a space for innovative partnerships that allow new ideas to grow and flourish.


Presenter writing on a dry erase wall

Digital Skills Workshops

The Design Lab hosts a variety of free workshops throughout the semester for the Ohio State community. Topics include: 

  • Coding & App Development
  • Digital Creativity
  • Digital Trust
  • Privacy & Security
  • Study Skills
  • Wellness

Ohio State students will also have the opportunity to collaborate with COhatch members, start-ups and established firms in real-world workforce experiences.

Students sitting at a table using iPads together

Open Work Time

Students will have the opportunity to use the Design Lab for informal learning and self-directed project work during select open hours of the lab. Uniquely located in COhatch The Gateway, students will gain exposure to new ideas and have the opportunity to learn from the diverse sets of experience present in the coworking space.

Close up a sign by an open door that reads Design Lab in collaboration with The Ohio State University and a workshop with a group of people is happening inside

Immersive Design Lab Experiences

The Design Lab will host 3-day collaborative design sessions to help local businesses, non-profits and community partners leverage app design and software solutions to address needs and explore innovations in their organizations.

The Design Lab will also engage K-12 students and teachers in central Ohio to offer programming focused on digital skill development and professional learning – expanding opportunities and introducing students to new tools and ideas.