Change to Timeout Default Settings in Microsoft Web Apps

Beginning February 9, 2024, Microsoft is changing how Microsoft 365 web apps ‘timeout’ in your browser.

Currently, the Microsoft Outlook web app is set to a two-hour timeout period for Ohio State users and other applications are variable. COTC students currently experience a six-hour timeout period. Most Microsoft 365 web apps are moving to a standard timeout of 1.5 hours. This change affects most commonly used Microsoft 365 web apps including OneDrive, Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. This change does not affect Microsoft Teams.

A timeout occurs when the application has been open in a browser tab that has not been clicked on in that time period. If you have multiple web apps open in different tabs, activity in any tab resets the timeout counter. When the timeout period is reached, the application will log the user out and require sign-in to resume the session.

To access resources for Microsoft 365, visit the Administrative Resource Center.