Vita Faculty Information System to Retire August 1

Vita, powered by Elements, is the current faculty information tool at Ohio State where faculty and staff have been tracking publications, presentations and other accomplishments. Vita is currently deprecated and will be retired on August 1 to make way for a new faculty information process and tool.

While the Office of Academic Affairs is developing the new process and piloting a new tool, those wishing to document their scholarly activity and keep their CV up to date should do so outside of Vita. Keeping these records locally with your own storage options (desktop, OneDrive) will be the best way to prepare for following the new faculty information tracking process.  

If you have content in Vita you would like to export, you can generate a Word version of your dossier or export content directly from Elements.

The Office of Academic Affairs will soon share information about this new process, and a new tool is expected to begin rolling out to colleges and departments next year.

If you have questions about this upcoming change, you can reach out to the Faculty Affairs contact for your college, and CFAES Extension staff should contact Debbie Lewis for more information.