Cybersecurity Champion: Jordan Klapper

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Jordan Klapper

The Ohio State University’s Digital Security and Trust team recognizes Jordan Klapper for being a phenomenal security and trust partner. As part of this recognition, we're presenting Jordan with a Cybersecurity Champion Coin.

Oh, you're unfamiliar with Cybersecurity Champion Coins?

A Cybersecurity Champion Coin is given as a token of appreciation for services rendered to an institution or community. The coin holder is part of an exclusive group, and each coin is uniquely numbered. Those in possession of a Cybersecurity Champion Coin have proven that they accomplished something of value to Ohio State, beyond expectations.

Jordan has shown the commitment and behaviors regarding cybersecurity at Ohio State that we strive for everyone at the university to exhibit.

Jordan first connected with me about a year after I joined Ohio State. As a member of Undergraduate Student Government, Jordan shared with me their curiosity and concern about student privacy. During our first meeting, we discussed privacy topics and an opportunity to collaborate on an initiative that I was just preparing to launch with University Senate’s Council on Distance Education, Libraries and Information Technology (CoDELIT). Jordan joined our workgroup and alongside privacy professionals from across the university, contributed to the Ohio State Privacy Principles.

Through CoDELIT, Jordan joined Privacy@OhioState, a confab of students, faculty and staff working to spark privacy conversations across the university. Our first event was Data Privacy Day 2020, where 200 community members joined to learn about and discuss privacy and begin outlining the web privacy statement. At the time, many websites had different or nonexistent web privacy statements.  As university teams were deploying cookies and other trackers, the web privacy statement and cookie banner were vital to support marketing initiatives.

For three years, Jordan has also actively participated in the university's privacy journey. He served on the Privacy Governance Council and the Student Analytics Working Group. He contributed to writing and launching the web privacy statement and Student Analytics Principles, co-presented half-a-dozen privacy sessions, and inspired many undergraduates to join the privacy conversation. Just before his graduation this Friday, he and I led an interactive discussion of the Student Analytics Principles at last week's Unizin Summit.

The Digital Security and Trust team records and celebrates Jordan's receipt of a Cybersecurity Champion Coin. The award criteria includes recognizing others who are actively supporting a security and privacy culture, beyond their normal role. If you see someone who is worthy of this appreciation, please contact Rich Nagle, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or any member of the Data Security and Trust team, and we will similarly recognize that individual.

Above all, we want to thank Jordan for committing to security and privacy. Congratulations also on Jordan's upcoming graduation this Friday! Jordan, we hope you carry this commitment and passion forward into your next endeavor.

Again, thank you for being a Cybersecurity Champion!

Note: If a Cybersecurity Champion Coin recipient can display their coin while crossing paths cross with me, or another member of the Data Security and Trust team (recurring meetings excluded), a free coffee or equivalent can be negotiated by the coin holder.

Cybersecurity Champion Coin
Cybersecurity Champion Coin