Identity Management Day: Learn to Protect Your Identity


April 12 is Identity Management Day! Here at Ohio State, your identity is your passport to all places and things: what buildings you access, what systems you can use, to what bank account your pay is deposited. Your identity, and your BuckID card, are key to your everyday activities. 

In recognition of how important all our identities are, Identity Management Day is a globally recognized event is to celebrate proper digital identity management and share best practice tips to keep your identity safe. 

Your identity here at Ohio State is so crucial that cybercriminals will often target it in hopes of compromising you or the university. Did you know Ohio State has an entire team dedicated to protecting your identity? These dedicated professionals work tirelessly, often in discrete ways, to ensure everyone has the resources they need to perform their roles.  

To learn what you should do in the event you suspect your identity has been tampered with, check out the Incident Reporting Activity in the Cybersecurity of You (C4U) awareness platform