Conference Rooms

Getting Started

To use the in-room display, locate the Crestron panel on the wallor tabletop and select Connect a device. Your options are:

  • In-room PC: Log into the in-room PC with your university account (lastname.#) or Medical Center ID using the keyboard and mouse in the conference room. You can access your Microsoft 365 account, including OneDrive and Teams, once you are logged in. You can also log in to Zoom to host or join a meeting.
  • AirMedia (Wireless): Bring your own device and wirelessly project by selecting wireless. When you select wireless on the Crestron panel, a message will appear on the display that provides a URL for presenting. Go to the URL on your device to cast and follow the instructions provided for the type of device you are using to project to the larger display. Please note that the wireless connection is for a local presentation only and does not connect your device to the camera and microphones. 
  • Aux Input (Wired): Bring your own device and use the USB-b and HDMI connections located at the base of the display. You will need to bring your own cords to use the aux input. Plug your laptop into the display using these cords and your device will project to the larger display.


Using Teams and Zoom in the Conference Room

To conduct hybrid meetings from the conference rooms, you can use Teams or Zoom. The audio and video settings can be controlled within the application you are using.

The conference room equipment will be labeled in the applications as: Conference camera, Whiteboard camera (if installed), Conference microphone, and Conference speaker. 


Whiteboard Camera

Your conference room may have a whiteboard with a camera attached (Huddly Canvas), which allows you to share live streams while writing on the whiteboard in the room. To use the whiteboard during a meeting, change the camera in the camera settings of your video conferencing tool to Whiteboard camera.