Transform the Learning Toolset

Using the governance and advisory process, this project will distinguish between tools that should be supported centrally at the enterprise or with a community of a few schools and colleges or specialized within a school or college.  

Key Contacts: Travis Ritter, Lynne Sanbe

What activities will help support the learning toolset for undergraduate, online, online prison exchange?

  1. Discuss with CAT ,Drake, ITPC the priority and value of a) online proctoring b) class tool to record, share, manage videos in a secure way, c) university blogging tool, d) value of AI detection 
  2. Evaluate and pilot tools for badging/micro-credentials 
  3. Dashboards of learning tool usage for schools/colleges/units 
  4. Establish long-term support model for PebblePad ePortfolio tools 
  5. Retire obsolete services 
  6. Understand drivers that motivate faculty behind toolset selection to understand enterprise use versus individual faculty use 
  7. Work toward development of a sustaining budget model

What strategic pillars does it support? 

  • Learning
  • Research 
  • Outreach 
  • Operational Excellence & Innovation 
  • Community of Belonging 

Why is it important? 

Enterprise tools allow the student to have a consistent experience when taking courses that cross many schools and colleges.  It allows for centralized help, technical support, and accessibility.  Instructors teaching in many schools and colleges will be able to use a consistent tool set.  Costs for the enterprise have decreased because economies of scale on license cost and staff to support the tool.  

The need for specific or niche technology will always exist. The committee will help to foster a collaboration of similar needs within a small group of schools and colleges to gain some benefits in cost and support. 

Who will benefit? 

Students, faculty, university resources and administrative overhead 

What is the timeline? 

  • Start date: September 2023 - ongoing 

Who are our partners and sponsors? 

CAT (Committee on Academic Technology) and ITPC (IT Partnership Council) 

How will success be measured? 

  • # Proposals/ presentations with shared cost discussion and documented decisions 
  • Pilot agreement with Credily; conduct Pilots Fischer and Engineering 
  • # of learning tools with usage #.
  • # of faculty and students using PebblePad (ePortfolio) 
  • # of systems retired and amount of efficiency 
  • methodology to discuss central versus decentralizing learning tools 
  • # of MOUs, budget proposals completed
Learning, Research, Outreach, Innovation and Belonging icons all highlighted within IT Pillars Supported graphic