Within the university and OTDI, we recognize that governance and advisory is a current gap. Over the next 12 months, we will work to identify gaps, devise a new model, and implement changes (as needed). 

  1. Work with Internal Audit to develop their recommendations. 
  2. Develop a draft model of a governance and advisory structure for review. 
  3. Work with Senior Leaders to refine the model. 
  4. Implement a new governance and advisory model. 

Key Contacts: Dietrich Eubank, Stacie Nelson, Kate Keune 

What strategic pillars does it support? 

  • Teaching 
  • Research 
  • Outreach 
  • Operational Excellence & Innovation 
  • Culture and Community

Why is it important? 

Having a clear and consistent governance process will help us address what tools and services are brought forward, which are sunset, how we pay for things, and how we have a transparent discussion about the IT needs of the university. 

Who will benefit? 

OTDI team members will benefit from clear priorities, expectations, and intake processes.  

All IT team members across the university will benefit from more cross-university decision-making.  

The entire university will benefit from a holistic, coordinated approach to IT decisions, resulting in more transparent work, clear processes, and faster decisions on IT priorities to get them the resources they need to teach, learn, research and work.

What is the timeline? 

  • Internal Audit meetings with peers: April – June 2023 
  • Meetings with OTDI senior leaders: July-Aug 2023 
  • Draft structure: September-October 2023 
  • Present to SLT: Oct/Nov 2023 
  • Adjust and present to interested parties: November 2023 -February 2024 
  • Launch: April/May 2024 

Who are our partners and sponsors? 

We will need to identify leaders and partners across IT, teaching, research, and business community to participate in the governance process. Key roles will be played by: 

  • Internal Audit 
  • ITPC members 
  • SFOs 

What other OTDI groups will be needed?

  • All OTDI groups 

How will success be measured? 

  • Receive Internal Audit to develop their recommendations.  
  • Draft model of a governance and advisory structure for review.  
  • Refine the model.  
  • Implement a new governance and advisory model.
Learning, Research, Outreach, Innovation and Belonging icons all highlighted within IT Pillars Supported graphic