Cybersecurity for You

Traditional cybersecurity training rarely answers the important questions you think about in your digital life. Cybersecurity 4 You (C4U) is an innovative approach to cybersecurity awareness. It acomplies with the annual 1 hour of cybersecurity training required of most Ohio State faculty and staff, and is unique in several ways:

  • It focuses on cybersecurity in all areas of your digital life, not just while you are on campus. Short, high-quality activities – articles, videos, and podcasts – offer tricks and techniques that allow you to take immediate action. You choose what topics interest you. All content is created exclusively for the Ohio State community.
  • Access the platform from devices you own, including smart phones and tablets.
  • Come back often for fresh and relevant content so you can meet your requirements and learn much more.
  • Earn points towards rewards with the completion of each activity.


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