Enterprise Project Kicks Off Architect Phase

The Enterprise Project’s Architect Phase will align strategic direction, system requirements and business process designs. The Architect Phase will last from August 2017 to February 2018 for Finance, HR and Payroll processes, and to December 2018 for Student processes.

In collaboration with subject matter experts, the Enterprise Project team will draft and validate future state business processes during the Architect Phase.

The tenant, initially built in the previous project phase, is a Workday environment the project team will use to see Ohio State data in action as they design and validate business processes for Workday and other enterprise technologies.

The work of the Architect Phase will also include:

  • defining reporting and analytics requirements
  • solidifying integration, conversion and technology requirements
  • creating policy and service delivery recommendations
  • developing the next iteration of the Ohio State Workday tenant
  • confirming system dispositions

For more information, please review the Enterprise Project timeline or contact enterprise-project@osu.edu.