AWS Successful Six

You should know the following six things before using Amazon Web Services.

Protect University Data

All AWS users are responsible for protecting university data and intellectual property. Know university policies and local, state and federal laws specific to the data being stored or used with AWS. No PHI/HIPAA data is allowed to be stored in AWS.

Read the Fine Print

AWS services vary in pricing structure. Some services incur additional fees, have special usage restrictions, are subject to unique terms and conditions, or require specific user responsibilities. Be sure to review AWS Service Terms and Getting Started with AWS resources BEFORE using an AWS service.

Closely Monitor Service Usage

A major benefit of AWS is that it uses a “pay as you go” and “pay only for what you use” service model. However, with this usage or consumption-based approach you can rack up charges very quickly. Be sure to set up alerts and check your usage and charges frequently through the Ohio State AWS Console to prevent runaway bills; and take appropriate action to reduce your charges.

Turn Off Services When Not in Use

Assume every AWS service that is enabled is racking up charges even when not in use. To guard against runaway bills, be sure to turn off AWS services when they are not in use. Services can be turned off through the Ohio State AWS Console.

Build to the Level of Service You Need

Unfortunately, disasters do happen. If you absolutely cannot lose the data being used in AWS, be sure to build AWS services in a way that guards against loss or damage. For example, backing up data to a university approved location. Work with your local IT team for assistance.

Continue to Learn

AWS is continually growing and evolving its services. Along with bringing new tools to Ohio State employees, AWS can present a huge learning curve. All Ohio State AWS users are encouraged to commit to continually learning about cloud services, like AWS, through online or in person training, webinars, knowledge sharing and events (when available).