For the Love of Data: Love Data Week Concludes

Earlier this month, Ohio State students, faculty, and staff participated in the Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) Love Data Week event.

During this annual event, Love Data Week participants celebrate “all things data” while they share their data experiences, learn data visualization best practices, and enjoy some friendly competition.

Event highlights include:

  • 8 sessions conducted for Love Data Week 2024
  • 12 campuses in participation
  • 561 individuals in attendance
  • 1,400 votes cast for the BTAA Love Data Week Viz Champion


Congratulations to this year’s Love Data Week event winners!

  • Faculty/Staff winner - Penn State - Blue Skies and Cloud Cover
  • Student winner - University of Michigan - LEGO Themes: From Generic to Franchise


Ohio State was well represented this year, as you can see from the participant listing below. Many of them are also listed in the BTAA Honorable Mentions gallery. Additional congratulations to all Ohio State colleagues who were part of Love Data Week 2024.

  • “The Application to Major dashboard” from Austin Mack, College of Engineering
  • “Faculty Demographic Profile dashboard” from Negash Negash, Office of Institutional Planning & Research, and Mary-Butler Ravneberg, Office of Human Resources
  • Visualizing Self-Tracked Data to Navigate Well-Being” from Yvette Shen and students
  • “Ohio State News Traffic Dashboard” from Tanya Zyabkina and Ryan Sosnowski, University Marketing & Communications
  • The World of Lego: A Data Driven Journey from Ryan Butts


One of the local event coordinators, Maureen Henry, OTDI Tableau Server Administrator and Senior Analyst, has this share about her Love Data Week experience.

“Love Data Week is rewarding to me on two fronts. First, the event affords me a front row seat for seeing real world applications of the Tableau tool that my team helps bring to the university. And second, through the competition I’m able to see the amazing ways people are using data and data visualizations to simplify complex concepts.”

The call for Love Data Week submissions begins each year in early December. If you’re interested in the Love Data Week event, reach out to Ohio State’s coordinator for Love Data Week, Maureen Henry, with specific questions and review the resources below.