Changes to CarmenZoom Settings

In order to make better use of resources, we have made a change to the default settings for Zoom cloud recordings. Previously, if you recorded a meeting where two or more people had their camera on, Zoom would have recorded both the speaker view and the gallery view. If you had not changed your settings, the recording link you have been sharing would be the speaker view version. The change we made means that gallery view is no longer also recorded by default.

If you have changed your options at Settings > Recording > Cloud Recording, this change will not have affected your account. If you would prefer to record the gallery view version of your meetings, you can go to Settings > Recording > Cloud Recording and choose "Record gallery view with shared screen." This is a per account rather than per meeting setting.

In addition to this change, in November we will be shortening the retention period for recordings saved to the cloud. We will provide more information as it becomes available. Remember, it is best practice to routinely review your cloud recordings and save what you need to be good stewards of our shared resources.

Thank you for your understanding. Any questions about these changes can be directed to