Data Stewardship Kickoff Recap

In late August, Laura Gast, Data Governance and Privacy Lead, presented a Data Stewardship kickoff to engage the Data Steward community and review the Ohio State Data Governance program.

During the kickoff, Laura gives a straightforward overview of data stewardship, data domains and the Collibra data catalog tool and how these elements will work together to achieve the program mission of providing trusted data with transparency in process to Ohio State data enthusiasts.

Review the topics for a quick refresher and then check out the full Data Stewardship kickoff recording for more details.

If you have questions about the Data Governance program, contact Laura Gast

Data Stewardship Kickoff Topics:

Data Governance Program - Data Governance is the framework of processes and tools that help us to manage institutional data. Data Governance isn't intended to be a restrictive set of rules or a barrier to accessing institutional data, but rather it's a way to make sure there is transparency in how our data is maintained, accessed, and shared so that it can be trusted.

Data Steward - The Data Steward is a newer role at the university, put in place to help maintain the fitness of university data. Stewardship is based on a Data Domain model, or the logical way that we are going to group data. Domain examples include: Financials, HR, Payroll, Spend, Student, and Supply Chain. However, it's important to note that Data domains are not tied to specific org structures or systems.

Collibra Data Catalog - Today, in order to get the data one needs for analysis, one needs to know who has a particular data set, how to reach them, and how to request access to the desired data. Collibra will help the university community by cataloging our data sets and reports while holding our data glossary which helps add transparency to what data exists.