iCloud Drive Removal 9/21

This article applies to Managed IT partners with Mac computers. 

On Monday, September 21, iCloud Drive will be disabled on your university Mac computer. Any files that you currently have synced in iCloud Drive will remain locally on your computer but will no longer sync with iCloud. These files can be found at Users/lastname.#/iCloud Drive (Archive). 

Your files will also remain in iCloud Drive and will continue to sync with other non-university systems. From a personal Mac or iPad you will be able to access your files in iCloud Drive as normal. You will also be able to access all files in your iCloud Drive from any web browser by going to https://icloud.com. iCloud and other features within iCloud will still be available on your university computer.

The removal of iCloud Drive was determined to be operationally necessary for upcoming features that will be rolled out on university computers. Keeping devices up-to-date and secure is a critical component of the university’s IT security policy. While iCloud is not approved for university data, if you believe that your job function still requires the use of iCloud Drive you may submit an exception request via employee self service. For more information on other file storage options, please see the new cloud storage and collaboration webpage.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact the help desk and reference CHG0057516.

Self Service: go.osu.edu/it
Phone: 614-688-4357 (HELP) and select option 3
Email: servicedesk@osu.edu