Microsoft Endpoint Manager to Replace Ivanti

This article applies to Managed IT partners with Windows PC devices. 

This fall, the OCIO Endpoint Management team will remotely deploy a new tool for software updates and self service downloads for Windows PC users known as Microsoft Endpoint Manager. This will replace the existing tool, Ivanti, used by the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) to keep devices up-to-date and secure. This change will occur on September 11 for Ohio State regional campuses and October 3 for all other Managed IT partners.

What You Need to Know

Microsoft Endpoint Manager will be remotely deployed to Windows PC machines. It will install in the background and should not disrupt your work. When installation is complete, you may need to reboot your machine. If your machine is turned off during the time this tool is deployed, it will begin installing when you have powered on and logged back in

Microsoft Endpoint Manager will include features that will allow for the successful application of patches and updates to your device without being connected to osuwireless or logged into the Cisco VPN. Some additional benefits when working remotely include:

  • You no longer need to log in to Cisco VPN to access your file shares.
  • When you update your password, it will automatically sync your device and your accounts without needing to be connected to osuwireless or logged into the Cisco VPN. 

Please note: These features are not a complete replacement for Cisco VPN. You may still need to log in to the Cisco VPN to access certain applications.

Monthly Patching and Software Updates

The OCIO will continue to deploy monthly updates and patches on the third Friday of each month, now using Microsoft Endpoint Manager. You will notice some changes in the way the pop-ups you receive look, but the process for updates will not change. You will continue to be prompted to reboot your device for updates. As a reminder, you should always save your work before rebooting.

You can proactively install these updates at your convenience and avoid interruptions that could occur from an automatic update. Read the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Knowledge Base article to familiarize yourself with how to proactively update your device at your convenience and see what the prompts and reboot process looks like. 

Using Self Service to Install Software

Microsoft Endpoint Manager will also replace Ivanti Portal Manager as the self service tool for installing and upgrading software to your device. A limited number of software is available to you on Microsoft Endpoint Manager. If you need software that is not available, contact the IT Service Desk at 614-688-4357 (HELP) or use Self Service

To learn more about how to use Microsoft Endpoint Manager for installing and upgrading software, read the Software Center Knowledge Base article

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact the IT Service Desk by calling 614-688-4357 (HELP) and pressing option 3, or use Self Service.