Submit Proposals to Speak at Two Academic Conferences this Spring

Are you using technology in unique ways in your class? Do your teaching methods enhance the student learning experience and the quality of their education? Do you want to share your great ideas with other educators at Ohio State and beyond?

If you answered “yes,” you won’t want to miss the Innovate Conference or the Annual Conference on Excellence in Teaching & Learning! These two academic events are currently requesting proposals for presenters, and the applications are due later in January.

Not sure which conference is right for your idea? Learn more about the differences and benefits of each conference so you can tailor your proposals for each or choose the best fit for your experiences.


The 13th Annual Conference on Excellence in Teaching & Learning is hosted by the Academy of Teaching and will take place on May 2. This year’s theme is “Embracing Time and Change,” which was inspired by President Drake’s strategic plan for the university. Proposals submitted for this conference should focus on evidence-based teaching methods that demonstrate how changes in our world can be embraced in the classroom.

Innovate, hosted by the Office of Distance Education and eLearning will take place on May 16. The theme for Innovate’s 10th year is “InnovateX: Excite, Explore, Experience.” Proposals should focus on finding ways to excite students about learning, explore teaching opportunities outside the classroom and delve into the student experience. Students are also welcome to apply, and instructor-student duos are encouraged.


The Annual Conference on Excellence in Teaching & Learning is designed for educators at Ohio State. It provides an opportunity for Ohio State faculty and instructional staff to share and network with others across the university.

Innovate welcomes educators from Ohio State and beyond—attendees range from Ohio State faculty to K-12 administrators, from education technologists to software representatives. At the 2018 Innovate conference, 150 different institutions were represented.


The Annual Conference on Excellence in Teaching & Learning welcomes around 200 educators and instructional staff from Ohio State, resulting in a more intimate conference environment.

Attendance for Innovate is closer to 700 and includes large keynote sessions to energize the crowd as well as smaller breakout sessions to dive deeper into a variety of topics.

Now that you know the differences and benefits of each conference, it’s time to start working on those proposals! Keep in mind, proposals for the Annual Conference on Excellence in Teaching & Learning are due January 22 while proposals for Innovate are due January 25.

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