Ohio State Amazon Web Services Available December 12

Starting December 12, Ohio State employees can request an Ohio State Amazon Web Services (AWS) account for university business. Ohio State AWS is a viable option for secure, scalable cost-effective computing, storage and database services that can be used for things like research projects, web application hosting, archival file storage and administrative Business Intelligence/analytics.

Employees interested in signing up for an Ohio State AWS account should follow the instructions in the Ohio State AWS Readiness Checklist. Note: Talk with your local IT staff to share your use case before making a request. Your college or department may have additional requirements concerning your use of AWS and/or offer alternative options for meeting your technology needs.

Ohio State AWS adds the following features to the standard AWS offering:

  • Integrated billing – your AWS charges will be paid automatically from your Ohio State account
  • Ohio State name.# and BuckeyePass authentication to login to the AWS console
  • Pre-configured accounts that meet Ohio State requirements
  • Access to support specialists within AWS

…and much more! Take a look at our service comparison chart for full details (you must log in to view this chart).

Ohio State AWS will enable research and administrative users to:

  • Leverage AWS’s impressive portfolio of scalable, on-demand computing, database, storage and application services;
  • Simplify your AWS invoices/billing
  • Identify strategies to reduce costs
  • Protect your account from hackers by using your Ohio State name.# with BuckeyePass authentication
  • Access to AWS expert resources
  • Align with Ohio law, intellectual property protections and university policy

Ohio State does not have a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Amazon. Personal Health Information (PHI)/HIPAA data cannot be stored in AWS.

For more information about the Ohio State AWS service, visit the Ohio State AWS service page: https://go.osu.edu/aws.