Using Technology to Enhance Data & Analytics

Over the last several years, the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) has been working closely with the Translational Data Analytics Institute (TDAI) to find the right technology for Pomerene Hall, a location that will support faculty, staff, and students from across campus in one collaborative space. That work has transformed into an official partnerships a TDAI is now receiving Managed IT Services from OCIO which will give the institute the support needed to leverage technology for use in data science and analytics.

From high-level strategy to specific details, the teams have come together to work through core technology components while exploring the best design to support the unique needs of the institute. With over 87% of the space in Pomerene Hall being used for collaboration, the organizations have used “out-of-the-box” thinking to create the best experience not just for campus, but the broader data science and analytics community. Two current initiatives highlight the willingness of both parties to think differently than just partnering on IT services.

  • TDAI will be hosting the Data Science for Women Summer Camp, a free week-long day camp for women interested in the data science and analytics industry. Twenty-nine women from grades 8 through 10, over 70% of whom are from Columbus inner city schools, will receive real-world experience in data science and analytics. Working with faculty and staff from Ohio State, students will build skills in problem solving, analytical thinking, analytical tools usage, and communication and gain exposure to the types of careers that are available in the field. The OCIO will provide the technology support, and Becky Mayse, Security Analyst Lead at the OCIO, will be speaking at the event.
  • The OCIO and TDAI are hiring a Technology Solutions Engineer as a shared position. This person will focus on launching new services within Pomerene Hall, working directly with industry partners to implement new analytics technology, evaluate new platforms, and help translate customer needs into actionable solutions. Jenna McGuire, Project Coordinator for TDAI, shared, “We always knew we were going to need someone with a technical background and appreciated the flexibility from the OCIO to go outside of what they have traditionally done and do a shared position. This is not only a benefit for TDAI, but will help all of campus as this person can spend time learning about technology that can be leveraged elsewhere on campus.”

In addition to these initiatives, the partnership between these units continues to grow. OCIO and TDAI are partnering with industry experts to explore turning Pomerene Hall into a smart building that would not only create but leverage new data to potentially help faculty and students across campus.

Look for more to come on this partnership and how technology, data science, and analytics are being used to enhance the Ohio State experience.