Be Sure to Accept the New Wireless Certificate

The first time you connect a device to one of Ohio State’s secure wireless networks, you may be presented with a certificate to accept. This certificate tells your device the network can be trusted, and it lets you know it is safe to enter your username and password to connect. The current certificate used to authenticate “osuwireless” and “eduroam” networks will be expiring, so the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) plans to update this certificate ahead of that expiration date.

At midnight on Monday, December 18, the OCIO will be updating the certificate for “osuwireless” and “eduroam” networks on Ohio State campuses.

If you used the authentication utility found at, or you use iOS or Android devices, you will likely not be prompted to accept the certificate.

If you used the manual process to authenticate your device for osuwireless, you may be prompted to accept the new certificate. Be sure to verify that the certificate shows as valid and that it is named "" To avoid any interruptions connecting after the maintenance, run the automatic configuration utility ahead of time to ensure a seamless wireless experience.