New, Encrypted File Back-Up Solution for OCIO Managed IT Customers*

As our offices are increasingly “paperless,” safeguarding data is more important than ever. Security is a priority, but back-up of data is also important.

Many colleges and business units use file shares, BuckeyeBox and other helpful tools that ensure data is stored offsite and/or that back-ups occur automatically. These tools are a great start, and we recommend that you continue to use them as you always have.

OCIO will soon begin supplementing the tools you already use for back up by implementing CrashPlan to back up systems for all managed IT customers. CrashPlan is a data back-up service that will allow us to store a copy of our data in the State of Ohio Computing Center (SOCC) so we can restore it more easily data in case of a disaster.

CrashPlan encrypts files and stores them off site, allowing us to protect, retain and restore your backed-up business files quickly. We will hopefully never have to deal with the destruction of a tornado or workplace fire, but we have been faced with more minor disasters like water damage from burst pipes. 

We are currently only offering this service to OCIO’s Managed IT Service (MITS)* customers . It will be deployed through LANDESK Workspaces. MITS customers can retrieve these updates at their convenience, and avoid any interruptions that could occur from an automatic update. Get acquainted with LANDESK Workspaces by reading our Knowledge Base ( You can also read our Knowledge Base to learn more about CrashPlan.

If you have any questions, contact the IT Service Desk online or by phone at 614-688-HELP (4357)  TDD devices call 614-688-8743.


*OCIO Managed IT Customers include:

  • Administration and Planning
  • Business and Finance
  • Inter-University Council
  • The Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • The Office of Distance Education and eLearning
  • The Office of Human Resources
  • Ohio State Lima
  • Ohio State Mansfield
  • Ohio State Marion
  • Wexner Center for the Arts