Updates Keep Classrooms Contemporary

Well-equipped learning environments are designed to give faculty endless options for presenting class content and to give our students the best educational experience possible. With new technology developments hitting the market every year, the Office of Distance Education and eLearning’s Classroom Support team maintains an aggressive schedule of classroom updates, particularly during holidays and breaks.

ODEE supports more than 360 classrooms across campus, and makes continual upgrades to keep these spaces cutting edge. This summer is no exception. Projects currently underway to provide modern learning environments include:

  • Digital Updates: AV systems will be updated to include HDMI inputs, remote monitoring and control capabilities. About 80% of our classrooms have already been completed. Mediasite recorders will be upgraded in thirteen rooms.  New Crestron touch screen controls will be added in all of the 360 classrooms that ODEE manages.
  • Facelift and Freshening: Fifty-seven rooms will be updated with fresh paint and carpet, and many will also receive technology upgrades.  This includes rooms in Scott Lab, Denny Hall, University Hall, McPherson Lab and Baker Systems Engineering. A new forty-eight seat computer classroom will be added in Baker Systems. Four mid-sized lecture halls in Pomerene Hall will also be updated.
  • More Active Learning: Five new classrooms will be renovated to facilitate for active learning -- four will be in the Enarson Classrooms building and one in Pomerene Hall. The Enarson rooms will be completed this summer, featuring flexible seating, more writing surfaces, and will focus on collaborative learning. The Pomerene Hall room will provide our largest active learning space, expected to seat 70 people.  The room will be used as a multipurpose space that will be used for classes, workshops, and events, and is scheduled for completion fall of 2018.
  • Single Sign-On Conversion: As cybersecurity becomes increasingly important, we will change the classroom computer log-on process so faculty can log in and log out for each class. The new process streamlines log-in with single sign-on security that is already used by many other university systems.

As updates are completed, we will communicate specific changes, especially to affected faculty. While summer will be busy, but our plans don’t end when classes begin in August. Already on the slate for fall is the renovation of Postle Hall and the installation of Mediasite recorders in six additional lecture halls over winter break.

In addition to updates, Learning Environment’s Classroom Services team manages the support of the spaces throughout the year. The team performs weekly maintenance tasks to assure equipment is continually functioning properly. They can help either address or route any issues with classrooms. That includes everything from AV support to broken furniture or room temperature. Learn more about Classroom Services scope of offerings at classroom.osu.edu.

Remember, when you require assistance in one of your classrooms, contact Classroom Services immediately at 614-247-4357 or classroomhelp@osu.edu.