OTDI Service Owner Leadership Community

The OTDI Service Owner Leadership Community is a comprehensive program focused on the engagement, support, and development of the OTDI Service Owner role. The program contains three key components: Engage (establish a highly supportive and involved Service Owner community), Learn & Share (discover new or better ways to be an engaged Service Owner and team member), and Grow (formal learning opportunities to continually evolve skills and knowledge.

Key Contacts: Tracey Richardson, Bob Muhn

What strategic pillars does it support? 

  • Teaching 
  • Research 
  • Outreach 
  • Administrative Excellence
  • Culture and Community 

Why is it important? 

Services are foundational to how OTDI delivers value to the university community. The role of Service Owner is critical to world class service delivery, customer experience, and operational excellence because they are:  

  • Accountable: for one or more OTDI services
  • Responsible: for service performance, service resprentations, service roadmap, and the collaborative service and support experience
  • Appointed: by their senior leader or manager
  • Valuable: serve as point of contact for colleagues in OTDI and across the university concerning the services they "own"

This program supports Service Owners through a shared service management community, principles, practices, tools and resources, continual improvement, and outreach opportunities.  

Who will benefit? 

Engaged Service Owners will benefit from active participation in the program. In turn, their participation will have a positive impact on our organization, outreach opportunities, the services we provide, and the university community who use those services.  

What is the timeline? 

  • When will work start? Q1 2023 
  • When will work finish? Not applicable – this will be an on-going program. 

Who are our partners and sponsors? 

Helping achieve the work itself: Service Management Process Owners, Service Owners 

Requesters: OTDI Senior Leadership Team

What other OTDI groups will be needed?

This program will engage Service Owners from across all OTDI teams: 

  • Application Services (Sanbe) 
  • Data Integrations and Architecture (Bhatia) 
  • Digital Security and Trust (Nagle) 
  • Financial Management & Customer Experience (Muhn/Keune) 
  • Research Technology and Infrastructure (Breon) 

How will success be measured? 

  • # of vendor contracts not renewed by EOY to be reduced 
  • Customer experience feedback and quantitative click data to determine most used features of site.
Learning, Research, Outreach, Innovation and Belonging icons all highlighted within IT Pillars Supported graphic