Get Started with Adobe Creative Cloud

Use these instructions to opt into Adobe Creative Cloud access as a student and start downloading Creative Cloud apps. 

To Opt-In:

  • On, click the red box labeled ‘Students: Sign Up for Adobe Creative Cloud’ 

  • On the Service Desk page, click the red box labeled ‘Sign in to your account’ The sign in page of IT Self Service

  • Use your Ohio State credentials to sign in (username.# and your current password)

  • Fill out the short form about the apps you intend to use The opt in form for Creative Cloud access.

  • Check the box at the bottom of the form The opt in form with the button checked to request access.

  • Click the submit button. A confirmation message will appear. Your license is now active and you can immediately download Adobe Creative Cloud apps.  


To Download Apps:

  • Enter your in the email field. You’ll be redirected to sign in with your Ohio State credentials. Select “Company or School Account” if prompted The sign in screen for Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Select the tab at the top of the page labeled ‘Apps’ to see all the apps available to you The apps screen in Creative Cloud

  • Click ‘Install’ for whichever apps you want to install 

  • Once installed, click ‘Open’ to open the app on your device