Zoom-Outlook Integration Update for PC Users

Microsoft has been making updates to several of its tools, and a new version of Outlook is on the horizon. As part of this update to Outlook, Microsoft will no longer be supporting the Zoom plug-in—instead, you will be able to use the Zoom add-in for Outlook.

What’s the difference between the plug-in and the add-in?

There is little difference between the plug-in and the add-in. While they look slightly different, they both function the same and allow you to create a Zoom meeting from within Outlook.  

The plug-in reads Schedule a Meeting and shows a blue calendar icon.

A blue calendar icon and the words Schedule a MeetingThe add-in reads Add a Zoom Meeting and shows a blue plus sign icon.

A blue plus sign with a box around it and the words Add a Zoom MeetingAfter installing the Zoom add-in, you may also see the Zoom camera icon in certain views within Outlook.

An icon with a white video camera in the middle of a blue square

What do I need to do?

It is strongly recommended that you install the Zoom add-in for Outlook. Zoom Support walks you through installing the add-in. Once installed on any device, the add-in will appear anytime you use Outlook—the change is tied to your Microsoft account rather than a particular device. When you schedule a meeting in Outlook, you will likely see both the plug-in AND the add-in. If the plug-in is still visible, you can right click on the feature and choose to Remove from Ribbon. (Your local IT department may choose to remove the plug-in on your university-managed device.)

When will the plug-in stop working?

The Zoom plug-in for Outlook will not be supported in New Outlook. It is uncertain when Classic Outlook will no longer be available, which is why we strongly encourage you to switch to the Zoom add-in now. Some users are already experiencing issues with the Zoom plug-in, as the feature is no longer being updated by Zoom or Microsoft.