Microsoft 365 to Prompt Sign-in Beginning July 31

The OTDI team works regularly to enhance IT services at the university. One of the most recent enhancements includes moving to a new policy for Microsoft 365. This new policy will allow faculty, staff, and students to access more Microsoft 365 applications and features in the future. 

The policy change will occur from July 31 through August 7 for faculty and staff. This change was rescheduled from the initial date communicated in May. Throughout that time period, users may be prompted to reauthenticate to Microsoft 365 with their university credentials. When prompted, you will be sent to a login screen requesting your and password. It will be followed by a Duo prompt. 

Ohio State ADFS login page While the prompt may occur while you are using Microsoft 365 applications, it will not interrupt your use of the applications (including Teams), but you may be required to sign in again to save your work.  

If you have questions about this change, please contact the IT Service Desk at 614-688-4357.