Olympic Games on Ohio State Cable Services

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The Ohio State University's cable TV customers will have access to watch the Olympic games through our cable services. The channels you will use to tune in depend on what type of cable service you have. Click to expand the sections and review the channels that are carrying the games. Check the broadcast listing for specific event details.


Columbus Campus Cable TV/ClearQAM:

Channel 4.1, NBC

Channel 12.1, Olympic programming


Channel 4.1, NBC

Channel 12.1, Olympic programming

Infovalue IPTV Lineup (used in common areas in residence halls and Recreational Sports facilities):

Channel 4, NBC

Channel 101, Olympic Channel

Columbus Campus IPTV Wexner Med Center

Channel 4, NBC

Channel 15, Olympic Channel

Columbus Campus Analog lineup

Channel 4, NBC

Channel 18, Olympic Channel         

Ohio State Wexner Medical Center East

Channel 2, Olympic Channel

Channel 5, NBC