Optimizing our Administrative Systems for the Future

A core set of administrative systems are the backbone of how we manage transactions at Ohio State. Thousands of transactions are processed every day, from buying supplies to hiring employees, from processing payroll and ensuring that our hospital supply chain is uninterrupted to registering for classes and processing financial aid. 

Earlier this year, we transitioned our Finance, Human Resources, Payroll, and Supply Chain functions to Workday. Since the transition, we've recognized opportunities to partner with Workday to improve system functionality and streamline our business practices to make the most of these new systems. 

Given the importance of these systems to our success, we've also taken a hard look at our Student system to determine the best path forward to meet the operational needs of our faculty, students, and staff. Although we had initially planned to be an early adopter of the Workday Student system, we recognize the amount of change that system implementations have brought for our community and have decided not to move forward with Workday Student at this time. We have made the decision to focus our efforts on optimizing Workday Financial Management, Workday Supply Chain Management, Workday Human Capital Management, and Workday Payroll. This was a collaborative decision between Ohio State and Workday leaders. 

We deeply value the contributions of the Ohio State Workday for Student Services team and the business experts throughout the university who have collaborated to get us to this point. Their significant contributions have helped us understand how we can improve our student system and processes to better meet the needs of the Ohio State community. We will be asking many members of the team to play a role in those improvements. 

Over the coming months, we look forward to our continued partnership with Workday to optimize the systems we implemented earlier this year as well as providing input on the future of the Workday Student product. Meanwhile, Ohio State will concentrate our efforts on sharing enhancements, learning resources, and new features of our administrative systems with the user community.