Microsoft Teams Retention Aligning to University Guidelines

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On Friday, Dec. 3, we will make updates to retention times for Microsoft Teams individual and group (channel) chats to align them with university retention policy and compliance. There is no expiration time on a Team or the data (files) contained within a Team; this will not change.

What is changing?

Recording or Chat

Current Retention

New Retention

Individual and 1:1 Chats

Automatic deletion after 1 year, rolling schedule

Automatic deletion after 3 years, rolling schedule

Team groups chat conversations


Automatic deletion after 10 years, rolling schedule

To remain in compliance with content-appropriate retention schedules, you can also manually delete content:

  • Individual user messages inside a Teams group chat can be deleted to remain in compliance with content-appropriate retention schedules.
  • Team interactions (can be deleted by an admin or Team owner).

Refer to Office 365 - Teams: FAQ and Troubleshooting page for more details. Full details about Teams meeting recordings are available in the Administrative Resource Center (ARC).

Most of these retention periods are 3 years, because that is a sufficient to meet retention guidelines that apply to the most common recordings, class materials and trainings/presentations. Carefully consider the content type of anything that needs kept longer to ensure it complies with retention schedules.

For a comprehensive breakdown of Microsoft 365 service storage and recommended records management guidelines please refer to the University Microsoft 365 Matrix on the University libraries records management website.