Mastering Microsoft 365: Questions Asked Most Often After Migration

Best practices for using OneDrive are detailed on the Administrative Resource Center (ARC) under Microsoft 365 Important Service Usage Information (you must log into the ARC to enable this link).

However, we do read the survey comments of those who have already migrated, and have seen some questions come up more than others. This article details answers to the three most asked questions.

Why can’t you tell me how long my migration will take?

Since it depends on the mix of files being moved at the same time as your files, how long it takes is unpredictable. Some accounts take much longer than our experience has led us to expect; some move much faster. It is not unheard of for very large accounts to take several weeks.

How do I share with others?

Most of your questions about sharing are answered on the Sharing and Collaboration job aid on the ARC. When you share with collaborators, OneDrive generates an email that will be delivered to the email account that you specify.

Screenshot of how to share with OneDrive

There are four levels of sharing:

  • Anyone with the link means that though you are sending to specific people, if those people forward to others, whoever receives the link can also access the file or folder that you have shared. Be cautious if you choose to share with anyone.
  • People at The Ohio State University with the link means that though you are sending to specific people, if those people forward to others, but only those with a valid name.# can access what you have shared – including students.
  • People with existing access may be used if you want to let people who already have access to the file that you have updated it.
  • Specific people means that only the specific people you are sending to can access the link.

Lastly, the box at the bottom, Allow editing, should be checked if you want collaborators to be able to add and edit things in the files/folders you are sharing. Conversely, be sure this is not checked if you do not want collaborators to make changes.

Screenshot of how to allow editors to collaborate in OneDrive

Why do some files show on my desktop OneDrive and others are only available online?

When you open “My Files,” you will see all the folders that are already synced to your desktop. In most cases the files you want to sync to your computer are files that are shared with you, and appear in the “Shared with you” section online. Microsoft shares this information online, and it is referenced in the ARC at this link: Sync with OneDrive for Business.

  1. Click Shared on the left-side menu
  2. Hover over the file you wish to sync, then click the circle next to the file to select that file, a checkmark will appear.
  3. The Add shortcut to My Files will add a shared file to the files you have synced and can see when you open OneDrive on your desktop.

Screenshot of how to sync to desktop in OneDrive

How should I organize my files?

Overall, our blanket statement is organize your files in the way that makes the most sense to you. However, below are tips collected from several online articles that recommend methods for organizing your files. The article on the ARC titled, Move, Rename and Sort Files may also be helpful.

  • Make OneDrive your default save location.
  • Sync files on your desktop with OneDrive.
  • Create specific folders based on Projects/Tasks. Alternatively, you can also organize your folders by client, date or deadline.
  • Develop a file and folder naming system and use it consistently to guide how you name files. For example, you may choose to use a method to implement that puts pertinent details in the same order on every file such as: Date_Type_FolderName. Using the name or number of a class might be easiest – choose the details that you will be looking for when you want to find the file.
  • Generate subfolders for each subtask under the main task folder


If you have any questions, contact the IT Service Desk online, by email at or by phone at 614-688-HELP (4357).