Proactive Wellness Plan Feature Added to Ohio State Apps

Wellness Plan Screenshot
Sample completed plan.

Being a student can be challenging – it helps to have a plan.

When we’re overwhelmed or stressed it can be harder to focus and think of the things we need to do to stay well or bounce back from a setback. Having a plan written out makes it easier to remember your strengths and take action to thrive and be resilient. That’s why Student Life’s Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS) and the Student Wellness Center (SWC) teamed up with the Ohio State mobile team to create the Wellness Plan, the newest feature available in the Ohio State: Wellness app and on the Ohio State app 'Wellness' tab.

The Wellness Plan is a fillable tool created to help students proactively think about how they will care for their well-being, when things are going well and when they’re not. 

“We created this feature because we believe having a plan helps all of us meet our goals and thrive,” said Harry Warner, Counseling and Consultation Service associate director of outreach. “Linking in resources to help out when it’s needed is another important way to support resilience, so that’s part of this plan as well.”

When things are going well, completing the plan can help students reflect on the positive relationships they have in their life, explore how they are strong and resilient, and realize the wealth of resources available to them. When things are not going so well, students can refer to their completed Wellness Plan for a personalized guide to managing stress and reaching out if needed. 

“We wanted something quick and easily accessible for students but also something staff and faculty can use to engage in conversations with students,” said Michaela Martin, assistant director at the Student Wellness Center. “CCS and the SWC will be using in appointments with students; it helps reinforce things discussed with their counselor or coach.”

Download the Wellness app or explore well-being features in the Ohio State app and get started building your plan today.

How you can use the Wellness Plan

  • Students: complete your plan at the start of the semester and save your work. It will be there for you to refer to or update as your needs change. Consider reviewing it at the start of every semester. Explore the Wellness App ‘Support’ tab find even more resources to support your well-being and wellness goals.
  • RAs: create your own plan and consider making it an activity at a floor meeting. You can also use it as a tool when meeting with residents.
  • Faculty and staff: help students to create their plan and encourage completing it in your course or with student staff. You can also complete a plan of your own and set an example for the students you work with.
  • Parents: download the Wellness app to explore resources your student can access on campus and talk with them about reaching out for support when they need it.