What should I do with Box links in CarmenCanvas courses?

Information and workshops about the migration of files from Box to OneDrive have focused mostly on when the move will happen and on getting familiar with the Microsoft products. For some instructors, one of the next questions is “What do I need to do with my CarmenCanvas courses that have links to files in Box?”

The brief and simple answer is to go through each course, find the Box links, and switch them out to the corresponding new link in OneDrive. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way for the Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE) to automate this process for you. However, the OneDrive integration with CarmenCanvas is easy to use and does a better job of managing permissions compared to Box. You can see how to use the Microsoft 365 integration in Canvas in the Teaching and Learning Resource Center.

As you approach each course to change these links, we encourage you to take some time to think about the best way to approach your files. You may want to move some files from OneDrive to another location that will create a better learning experience for your students.

  • Store in Carmen course directly: We have increased the files quota in CarmenCanvas from 500 MB to 750 MB. Your presentation and image files – optimized for web delivery – may now all fit within the course itself. Note that voice-over PowerPoint presentations should be converted to .mp4s and treated as media files.
  • Utilize Pages: Copying and pasting the contents of your Word documents into a Canvas page provides a better experience for students across the whole range of devices they use. The Canvas page can also be edited within the system, saving you from having to download and upload new versions of the file. Learn more about Pages in the Canvas Community.
  • Mediasite: Media files are best stored on Mediasite, and you can learn more about Mediasite in the Teaching and Learning Resource Center. With the CarmenCanvas integration with Mediasite, you can link to individual videos or use a channel to give students access to a set of recordings. Mediasite also provides a nice set of analytics about who has watched each video.
  • University Libraries: Explore the use of Libraries resources rather than uploading PDF copies of readings. When they are available, links to “live” digital copies can be more accessible to students than a simple PDF.

For more guidance on transitioning from BuckeyeBox to OneDrive, visit the Administrative Resource Center.