Keep Embarrassing Screen-Shares From Ruining Your Day

Does everyone feel like we’ve been teaching and working remotely for 100 years at this point? Or is that just us?

Either way, since we are mostly used to this relatively new arrangement, we are probably getting a little bit complacent with some of our security practices with virtual meetings. One thing we’d all like to avoid is someone “Zoom bombing” your class or sharing something embarrassing in a big presentation (either intentionally or accidentally).

“Zoom bombing” is when an unknown or unwanted person or persons access your meeting with the goal of causing disruption. Often, they will share their screen with something inappropriate on it or will try to interrupt the speaker or presenter.

Luckily for us, the multitude of videoconferencing tools that Ohio State provides have many options. These options allow us to secure our meetings and keep them from going off the rails due to any unwanted interruptions.

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